3 Easy & Cheap Organizational DIY’s

For today’s blog post, I’m going to be showing you three super easy and super cheap DIY’s that’ll help keep your room or home organized. Whether you’re looking for something to do on spring break or for a way to keep your clutter organized, these DIY’s are for you!

Printed Decal Labels

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This DIY is so fun and easy to make. You can use these labels in pretty much any way you wish! I used mine on a recycled jar to create a super cute container for some of my makeup products. These stickers could be used on anything from plastic bins to your bathroom mirror. The possibilities are endless!

What You’ll Need:

  • Design of choice (I found this image that said “Love never ends {1 Corinthians 13:8}” online and printed it out)
  • Jar or container of choice (I used a recycled salsa jar)
  • Packing Tape
  • Bowl of warm water
  • Dish scrubber


  • Use google or another source to find a design that you like
  • Print it out
  • Cover the top of your design with one layer of packing tape
  • Cut the design out to the size you want your label to be
  • Fill a bowl with warm water and allow the design to soak in the water for 5-10 minutes
  • Remove from bowl
  • Use a dish scrubber to remove all of the paper off the back of the tape (the design will have transferred onto the tape)
  • Once all of the paper is removed, allow the tape to dry
  • That’s all! You now have a label that you can use on whatever you wish!


Display Tray 

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This tray is really easy to make and adds a sophisticated touch to your bedroom, vanity, or bathroom counter. You can use it like I did to keep lotions and perfumes organized, as a place to display candles and decorations, or even as a designated spot to toss your keys and wallet so you don’t lose them.

What You’ll Need:

  • A cheap tray (I got mine from the dollar store. Gotta love the dollar store)
  • Design of choice (I went with this rosegold geometric pattern I found online)
  • White school glue
  • Water
  • A small bowl
  • A paintbrush


  • Find a design you like online and print it out
  • Measure the design to fit in the bottom of your tray and cut it out
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of water with 2 teaspoons of school glue until a watery glue substance is formed
  • Use the paintbrush to coat the bottom of your tray evenly with the glue mixture
  • Lay your design on top of the glue
  • Cover the top of your design evenly with more glue mixture to give it a waterproof surface
  • Allow the glue to fully dry
  • And that’s all!


Desktop Organization Cup

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This is by far one of the cheapest and easiest DIY you’ll ever do! You can use this handy little cup to keep whatever you like organized. I filled mine with pens and pencils and put it on my desk.

What You’ll Need:

  • Container or jar of choice (I used a recycled icing jar for mine but anything will work!)
  • Design of choice (I found this really pretty floral pattern online)
  • Tape


  • Find a pattern online that you like. You could even use a picture that you took!
  • Print it out
  • Measure the height of your container
  • Cut out a piece of your design to fit
  • Tape it on your container
  • And you’re done! Easiest DIY ever 🙂




Author: By His Eyes

Hello my name is Suzanne! I'm your average 16 year old girl who's learning to live by His eyes and I hope you'll join me in my journey!

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