5 Health Benefits of Staying Hydrated

It’s no hidden fact that the human body needs water in order to function. In fact, 50% – 75% of our bodies are water. That’s a pretty big amount! I love this verse from John that perfectly sums up the importance of physical, and more importantly, spiritual hydration.

but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

John 4:14

The “spiritual water” mentioned in this passage is something that all of us should be thirsting for in our everyday life. However, until we leave our physical bodies here on earth to be reunited with Christ in Heaven, we also must quench our physical thirst. Physical water is vital to the functions of our human bodies. Here are a just a few of the many benefits of drinking water:

  1. Hydration = Happiness!

When your body is even the slightest bit dehydrated, you might notice that you tend to fall into a grumpy mood and have trouble focusing. Your simple remedy – water! Water helps boost your mood and give you a lift in concentration.

2. Water Helps Reduce Toxins In Your Body

If your body isn’t receiving enough water, the functions of your body that release toxins will not work as efficiently. God designed our bodies with many wonderful ways to flush out toxins, but if you aren’t drinking enough water, those systems will slow down, causing toxins and bacteria to build up in your body. Extra bacteria and toxins aren’t good for anyone.

3. Drinking Water Boosts Your Metabolism 

Your metabolism is what is responsible for running every single process within your body. When water is added into the mix, your metabolism can run better, faster, and more efficiently.

4. Staying Hydrated Keeps Your Skin Healthy

If your body is not receiving enough water, your skin will become dry and cracked. When your water intake is healthy, your skin will stay soft, moisturized, and hydrated.

5. Water Gives You An Energy Boost!

When your metabolism is down, it means that your energy is down too. Drinking water helps energize you and keep you energized, unlike artificial energy sources such as sugar or soft drinks that wear off quickly. So grab yourself a bottle of water and get a boost of energy!

Water truly is an all-around great boost for just about anything you can think of. It’s so amazing to me how God knew exactly what our bodies would need and provided us with water as a natural resource to replenish us. It just goes to show how God really does cover our every need. He is good 🙂

Keep calm and sip on!!


Author: By His Eyes

Hello my name is Suzanne! I'm your average 16 year old girl who's learning to live by His eyes and I hope you'll join me in my journey!

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