Verse of The Week ~Exodus 3:11-12a~

I don’t know about you, but often I find myself questioning God and saying things such as “Why me?”, “But isn’t that too hard?”, and “What if I can’t do it?”. It doesn’t always hit me right away, but at some point, I realize how foolish I am to be asking those kinds of questions to the One who created the very grass on which I stand. In Exodus, we are given a very relateable picture of  Moses questioning God at the burning bush. Let’s read it:

But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” And God said, “I will be with you.”

Exodus 3:11-12a

If you continue to read throughout the chapter of Exodus , you’ll see that Moses doesn’t just question God this one time. He proceeded many times to interrogate God with many of the questions I find myself asking sometimes. I think the best part about this passage is the five words that God uses to assure Moses that He was the one…”I will be with you”. With these five words, God distilled Moses’ fear and reminded Him of just how big of a God He truly is.

Although this encounter happened thousands of years ago, I believe that we can still gain immense knowledge from it. God calls us daily to do things that we might not be comfortable with. Sometimes they’re small and they go unnoticed, but other times, you can’t ignore them. It might be something as small as saying hello to the new person in your class, but it could be something as big as traveling across the world to spread the word of God. Whatever God might be challenging you to, remember that He is bigger than anything that you will ever face. I love this quote that says, “If God brings you to it…He will bring you through it”(p.s. my jaw dropped about six feet when I found out that this quote is by Kim Kardashian). The point of the story is that if God leads you to something, He did it for a reason and He will lead you through it. Don’t limit God because of your fears. He is big enough to be with you through whatever He’s calling you to.


Author: By His Eyes

Hello my name is Suzanne! I'm your average 16 year old girl who's learning to live by His eyes and I hope you'll join me in my journey!

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